How To  Find

Your "Why"

Why do we do the things that we do? 


The simple act of questioning why, can stump so many of us.


Yet, it can be the most powerful motivator going. It has the potential to be the gateway into helping us understand who we are and what we value the most.


Whether on a bigger or smaller scale, knowing the reasons behind your intent, can be a massive advantage in your mission to change. 


It’s a fairly simple question on the surface. 


One which might initially seem pretty straight forward and easy enough to answer. 


For example, a question I ask a lot of clients I work with.. 


“Why do you want to lose weight?”


Is often met with an answer along the lines of..


“To feel better”


It’s not a matter of that answer being right or wrong, because it can’t be either. 

However if we want to uncover something slightly more powerful, we might want to keep on exploring that initial why, until we find something so unique and meaningful to you, that we have no option but to act upon it.

Knowing your Why, I believe, can act with the kind of gravitational pull that exists in our very own  solar system. 

I like to think of having a genuine purpose behind what you do, similarly to how our own planet stays in orbit.

A solid understanding of why, can keep you aligned towards your goals, no matter what happens. No matter how "bad" you feel you may slip up, knowing why you set out to achieve it in the first place can, ensure that you never feel like what you want to achieve is out of reach.

Let's look at some ways in which you can use to help unearth some deeper meaning, behind why you want what you want.

The 7 Why's

A simple method, that requires just you answering 7 questions. All of which, are Why?

Take your initial question..

Why do you want to lose weight?

Then, question that with why.. 

Got your answer? 

Then question that again, with why.. 

You see where this is going?

If you can, allow yourself 10 minutes with nothing but a good old fashioned pen & paper, and write down your answers. 

Once you've continued to ask and answer each Why, around 7 times, take a look back at your answers. You should find they perhaps get a little more elaborate, or carry much deeper meaning as they go on. 

The idea here is that the answers to your 5th, 6th & 7th Why, are much more reflective of what your deeper why is.

This method can uncover all sorts of feelings, especially when given the time and attention, accompanied by the desire to really gain an understanding of why your goals are so important to you.


What Happens If You Don't Achieve It?

Exploring this, whilst perhaps appearing quite counter productive, allows you to see for yourself why it's so important you achieve your goal.

Sometimes, you might realise it's really not all that important in the first place. And that's fine too.

However it might help you to notice the smaller details in your day to day life, that while being overlooked, might be the key to kickstarting change.

What is it about your current situation that makes you want to change?

What happens with regards to those situations if nothing changes?

Do they get worse? Harder to deal with?

Spend a few moments considering this potential future road. This isn't designed to instil a fear or worry, but simply to serve as a reminder to why you want to change.

What Does Your Goal Allow You To Do, That You Can't Do Now?

What is it about your goal that makes it so desirable?

What does it allow you to do, or feel like, that isn't possible now?

There's two potential benefits to spending some time considering this question.

1. You realise that the feelings and actions you want to take, are actually possible today, and don't require you reaching any specific goal to do so.

2. You remind yourself of why this goal is so important to you.

Both are equally great. 

You either remove all the pressure and stress associated  with this goal, or you relight the fire that encouraged you to go after it in the first place!

If you're feeling like you're in need of an extra push to carry on towards your goals, then consider uncovering your why by giving 1 or more of these methods a try!