6 Tips For Fat Loss When Eating Out At Restaraunts

It was the evening of Saturday, 18th March, 2017. 


The location? Slug & Lettuce. 


The occasion? A joint celebration to mark the birthdays of myself, and two members of our group training program at the time. 


(3 of us all being born on 11th March, what are the chances?!) 


We’d just been putting our heads together in order to beat Escape Rooms. We did not beat Escape Room.


Ah well. 


We then headed round the corner for some food. 


It was a top night. 


The only thing standing in my way of truly enjoying it was the simply fact I was 2 months deep into a 4 month diet plan. 


Every gram of food I was to eat was already mapped out. I decided very early on I wouldn’t stray. 


So, whilst everyone else decided to have a beer or a wine, and sat waiting on their burger and fries, I sheepishly asked the waitress the following; 


Can I please have a bowl of red peppers, red onion, and some spinach please? 


If I closed my eyes and concentrated on the smell of the amazing food around me, it was almost like I was eating it too! 


Eating out can often be a tricky one for a lot of us looking to lose body fat. 


I want to make one thing very clear. 


Please. Don’t be as boring and rigid as I was. 


That’s a level of strict that I’m not overly keen to re-visit. 


Instead, I wanted to share a few tips and things to think about when eating out, that allows you to; 

  1. Enjoy your evening! Most importantly.. 

  2. Stay mindful and keep you relaxed about your efforts to lose body fat.


There’s nothing fancy or groundbreaking here, just a few things to try that might keep your overall intake for the evening a little lower than it perhaps would have been. 


They certainly work ok for me and my clients, and should definitely be worth some consideration if eating out is something quite regular on your calendar. 


1. Starter Or Dessert?


Pick one. A sure fire way of keeping your calorie intake down, is to consider which one of these you enjoy the most, and every now and again, sticking to only that. Especially if you’re eating out often. 


2. Sauce On The Side​


When opting for something that will usually come drowned in sauces, it can be useful to ask for the sauce to be left on the side in a separate dish. You’re more than likely to have less of it, while still fully enjoying your meal! Some sauces can pack a whole lot of extra calories, sometimes in the regions of 100’s more. 


You never need to necessarily opt out, but if fat loss is the goal and you’re eating out a lot, it might be worth considering this tactic.


3. Veggies Over Chips


I’ll admit, I can almost feel a small part of my soul dying when I choose the former.


Although it does make sense if I’m eating out a lot and trying to be mindful of the extra calories. Especially useful if you’re already packing in your carbs through pasta or bread already in the meal. 


4. Keep It Simple


This one might sound boring, and it’s not even my favourite, but it can work. There have been plenty of studies done that show the more variety we have to choose from at the table, the more likely we are to over eat. It’s one of the reasons it’s so easy (and sometimes fun) to indulge ourselves at a buffet table! 


Picking one thing from the menu and sticking to it, avoiding all the various sides for the table, should help you to feel fully satisfied whilst helping you to stay mindful and relaxed about the effects on your waistline.


5. Order What You Need


It’s easy, especially when really hungry, to want to order more than you perhaps will genuinely need at the beginning. Extra sides and portions sound like a great idea when you’ve not eaten for many hours. 


However, you’re more inclined to eat more than you really need too with this. It’s worth trying to avoid that temptation and simply order what you’d normally have as your meal. 


You’ll find more often than not that with less food on the table, and an empty plate, you’ll be full and satisfied. If not, you CAN always just order more afterwards, but at least you’re giving yourself the chance!


6. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What’s Not On The Menu


This might seem a little off putting at first, but it’s worth a try if you’re really trying to be mindful of your intake! 


It might appear to only be high caloric dishes such as pizza, pasta, burgers etc. on the menu, but don’t be afraid to ask for a little customisation to your meal. 


For example, asking for a burger without the bun, and asking for some steamed vegetables instead of the chips. It’s not always possible, but it’s always worth asking. 


Bare in mind, there are always going to be occasions when we want too, (and absolutely should), throw caution to the wind on certain occasions. 


Get the pizza, get the bread starter, get the ice cream for dessert and wash it all down with a couple glasses of your favourite red wine! 


However, if you’re eating out a little bit more frequently, and are looking for some helpful ways to keep making progress with your weight loss goals, then I hope these 6 tips can prove to be game changers for you!