3 Ways To Motivate Yourself

There’s nothing worse than really feeling like you’ve lost all your motivation. 


Whether it’s to eating healthier, exercising or putting in the time to even prioritise yourself and develop as a person.


It engulfs us so emphatically at times, only to seem to disappear just as quick as it arrived.


I think about periods like New Year, where motivation seems to somehow be easier to come by.


Or any Monday for that matter.. 


To be honest, I’d even argue that for a lot of us, if you feel something is requiring THAT much motivation to begin with, then arguably it’s perhaps too much to take on at this moment in time?


That’s another point all together though.. 


Truth is, we all have days where we feel ready to tackle the world and all the adversity that comes with it, and other days when just sticking our shoes on and walking out the front door seems like, well, just an absolute effort.


All in all though, if we can have more good days than not so good days, we’ll be alright - and we’ll more than likely make some pretty decent progress with whatever our goals are.


This list isn’t exactly “proven”, nor does it have any science or studies to back it up. It’s genuinely just 3 things I personally do to make sure that I have more of those good days. 


1. Remind Yourself What’s Most Important.


I’m incredibly guilty of being someone who’s head can be turned in an instant by some cool new project or new way of doing things.


I get bored quite easily..


Wait. That’s a lie. I get bored very easily.


I want something new way more than I really would like. The problem I have with this is I end up going down the rabbit hole.


I think the same could be said for a lot of us, especially when it comes to making changes to our health and self image. 


The information overload and shiny new objects that are EVERYWHERE today, make it very easy to do so.


We start out knowing full well what we want to achieve, plan the steps to get there, but then are susceptible to getting way to focused on certain elements of that plan, or new methods of how to get there. 


Take losing weight for example. We want it for the reasons of improving our overall body image, confidence and self belief. 


I’ve been there, but then got waaaay to zoned in on the scales, the exercise, the diet.. 


I’m a huge fan of embracing the journey and the steps involved, and ensuring you get the most out of them, but ultimately, they’re not the end goal. 


We can lose momentum when we miss a gym session, have a “bad” weekend of food and drink, or can’t quite stick to some fancy new diet plan.


That’s not the issue - because that happens to us all. Like I said before, it’s completely normal for motivation to take a seat on the bench every now and again. 


But, what we can do, is remind ourselves of what we truly want and what’s important to us.


Who cares if we had 2 bits of chocolate cake instead of a fruit salad over the weekend. Take a moment, reflect, realise it’s ok, and just remind yourself of what your overall goal is. 


What’s the reason you were wanting to have that fruit salad in the first place?


Being mindful of what that reason was, will more than likely ensure you can forgive and forget and be back to feeling just as motivated as you were before.


2. Think About Why You Want To Be Motivated.


What’s wrong with not being motivated?


Why is it important that you’re motivated?


What exactly is it we’re wanting to be motivated for?


Similar to the last point I guess, but still, I like this one.. so it gets a place! 


I suppose the difference between the two for me, are that the first point, I try to focus solely on the positive. I focus on what I want. 


This one? Well.. it may be seen as a bit “negative”, but it’s really not meant that way.


Truth is, when I feel my motivation go, and lose sight of why I’m out here in Manchester trying to build a business and help people to a happier and more confident version of themselves, I often visualise the future. 


Not necessarily a happy future - more like one where I imagine how things will go if I STAY in this less than motivated state.


What would happen? 


What happens if I do quit now? 


What happens if I never feel motivated ever again? 


Who else is affected? 


The key for me is to not become scared or angry towards it, but just simply to acknowledge it, bring myself back to the present moment, where I almost always feel ready to go again. 


I’m reminded of why I’m doing this in the first place. I’m reminded why I care so much about being motivated in the first place.


I guess, just like point number 1, I’m reminded that while the smaller things do kind of matter in terms of steps to get there, we can’t take them too personally when they don’t go right. 


So, when motivation, drive, focus, inspiration, whatever you want to call it is low, ask yourself why that’s a problem in the first place.


We sometimes just need a little reminder.


3. Stop Trying To Be Motivated.

Woah, this almost makes it seem like reading this whole post has been a waste of time.. 🙄


But, I can assure you, it hasn’t been. 


The first two points almost fall under this one in a way.


But, essentially, the main point I want to share here, is don’t beat yourself up for not being motivated. 


It’s ok to not be motivated all the time.. 


I don’t know about you, but I used to be so overly critical and harsh on myself, for not being 100% on it all day, every day. 


It made any kind of positive and productive levels of energy just seem further and further away from my reach. 


I’m not saying it’s ok to just be completely passive and let what will be, will be dictate your path in all of this.


What I am saying however is that it’s ok to be ok with not being motivated. 


Don’t fight it. Just take it as it is at that moment. 


One thing I found was actually the minute I stop searching desperately for motivation, is when that motivation finds it’s way back to me. 


Next time you’re growing frustrated or wishing you had more motivation..


Try saying to yourself - I’m ok with this.