Stopping Your Diet From Falling Apart At The Weekend

“I’m all good until the weekend..”

If there was one thing that summed up attempts in the past to clean up my diet, this was it! 

Maybe it was boredom.. 

Maybe it was just lack of structure.. 

Who knows!


What I do know however, is this always held me back, and from a few conversations I’ve had recently with people around the gym, I’m not the only one!

Obviously, the weekend is also a time for more social stuff! So there is always the increased likelihood that you’ll be off eating out somewhere or heading out for a few drinks.


So this won’t apply all that much in those scenarios.. 


It can be challenging though. You’re not at work and therefore won’t have any sort of designated meal times. You’ve also probably got more time to actually sit and think about food..


It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me a couple of years ago to realise the only reason I was polishing off two tubs of ice cream every Saturday, was just, well, because it was the weekend.


Creating an inevitability about it all.


It’s hard to break out of for sure, but will like so many other things, start with some awareness. 

Abandoning the “auto pilot” mode of raiding cupboards for things to snack on whilst watching TV on a Saturday night, is the first step.

Taking notice of when that thought to go and buy some ice cream pops into your head, and just asking yourself why?

Not that you have to in any way “justify” a food choice, it’s more just about acknowledging whether or not you have anything to gain from it.

One thing I’ve managed to take on in the last couple of years is the consideration of the context.

This helped me massively when making food choices day to day, and not for any specific goal or deadline.

The idea of weighing up your environment at the time, and how you’re feeling at that time.

Are we just bored and looking for some stimulation through food?

Are we simply working our way through a family size bag of crisps because that’s just what you do when watching a film?

Or is it something that’s part of something else?

Is the wine, chocolate or whatever, simply a small part of a much bigger occasion?

A catch up with friends? Quality time with a loved one?

It’s absolutely not for me to say what is right to have and when, I do really believe that.

But, my hope is bring awareness to the ability that we all already have to do that for ourselves.

Enjoying the nicer things at the right times for us, and still making all the progress we want to make.

It’s not something that will be changed overnight, or just by reading this post.

All I wanted to do however was plant some seeds of thought, in the hope that next time you feel the need to grab a tub of ice cream just “because it’s the weekend”, you can take step back and quickly make a decision with your longer term goal in mind!