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Fat loss can prove to be quite tricky nowadays with so much conflicting information so easily accessible. 

Check out this very simple and practical checklist covering the very basic foundations for you to reach any long term goal!

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Stress doesn't have to be the downfall. Not if you're able to manage it effectively.

Check out this short and simple guide including 5 easily implemented strategies to thrive in the face of stress, and ensure it doesn't get the better of you more than it needs to. 

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No time?

No motivation and ideas?

No gym space or equipment?

No worries! This guide has 10 workouts that can all be done in under 10 minutes. Perfect for when staying away from home or just unable to commit to going to a gym!

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The scales are just one of many ways you can measure your progress over time.  The problem with relying on them however is that they can't always be all that reliable. 

Here's some other ways to let your confidence sky rocket without relying on the pesky scales!