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10 Ways To Move More Without Really Trying.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..

Exercise is the fun part! 😃

Adding it to an already active lifestyle is a sure fire way to increase your chances of making big progress over the coming weeks and months.

While exercise is important, and certainly plays a role..

It really is just the cherry on top when it comes to the bigger picture.

I wanted to make a list of practical things you can do to increase that activity. Things (big & small), that you can seamlessly slide into your routine.

Whether you do one of them everyday, once a week, or mix and match throughout..

You're going to be moving more.

Which, when changing your physical shape is the goal, is only going to move you in one direction.

Here's 10 ways you can move more, without even really trying all that hard..

1. Driving To Work?

If it's possible. Could you walk to work? Or could you park at the furthest possible distance that's still realistic, to the front door of your building?

2. Working On A Floor Above Ground Level?

This ones probably obvious. Take the stairs. If it's really high up, get the lift half way, and walk the rest. You can make a point of not taking the lift anywhere. Same goes for escalators in supermarkets etc.

3. Public Transport?

Chances are you're already getting some walking done to and from your stop. But why not take it a step further (literally) and use a stop further away? Obviously you'll need to account for the extra time, but if you have it, why not?

4. Nature Calling?

One practice I've come across recently is using the furthest away bathroom when nature calls. Again, pick a distance that is realistic such as the other side of the office or even the floor above or below.

5. Shop Run?

Make a point of walking to the shops in the evening or weekends rather than the potential 5 minute drive.

6. Coffee Time?

We all have a favourite coffee spot, but if you're willing, try the step of going to the next furthest coffee shop during the day.

7. Got A Good Podcast/Audiobook?

If you have time set aside to listen to some of these, that doesn't involve being in a car, then why not go for a short walk to listen to it?

8. Got A Hobby/Favourite Sport?

It's fairly close to training, but if you have an interest such as climbing, swimming, netball, dancing etc, then try to find a way to include that at least once a week.

9. Walkies?

If you have a dog, we know it needs walked. If not already, make a point to walk it more often or accompany the person that does. Increased activity and quality time with a friend or family member!

10. Shopping Trip

Firstly, if you're driving, park as far away as possible from the door. Secondly, be sure to take the stairs. Lastly, if you have some spare time, why not make a point of walking the long way around to the things you want to buy?!

Like I mentioned before, it's not about trying to cram in everything at once.

Pick one thing, maybe two for a week.

Then pick one more thing.

Then one more..

This list might even inspire you to come up with some of your own ways to slip in some extra activity throughout your week!

The truth is, it doesn't really matter how it's done. The main thing is that whatever you chose to do, it results in more movement.

Movement which will only send your chances of achieving your goal, skyrocketing!

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