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3 Meditations To Get You Chilled In Minutes, And Are Free!

Dedicating just a few minutes each day to meditation, absolutely changed my life.

I didn't need any apps, or to attend any classes. Both are great! But, if you're looking for something that's easy to access and on demand when you need it, there's no looking past Youtube in my opinion.

So I wanted to give a run down of the top 3 meditations that have helped me in ways I can't explain!

These are all guided. Meaning you will be spoken through exactly what to do, to get the best experience possible!

1. Vishen Lakhiani's 6 Phase Meditation.

This just covers everything.

There's reflection, acknowledgement and visualisation.

I'd never felt so energised after meditation until taking the time out to do this.

One of the ways in which this really helped me, was the acknowledging of any negative feelings you may have for someone or something. Those can tire you right out if left to sit. This meditation goes straight after them, allowing you to accept and almost immediately feel relieved of those feelings afterwards!

This is a condensed version and is still fairly long at 12-13 minutes, but definitely worth the time, even if just once or twice a week!

2. 10 Minute Gratitude Meditation

As it says on the tin, only 10 minutes long, but absolutely sure to fill you with so much positivity.

A meditation focused simply on 3 things, or should I say 3 emotions.

Love. Joy. Gratitude.

Allowing yourself to recall past situations where you have undoubtedly felt these emotions, as if you are reliving them there and then, will absolutely have a positive effect on your day!

Finishing off with a short body scan, I cannot recommend this one enough, especially first thing in the morning, if. you want to start your day in a positive way!

3. 5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

The shortest of the 3 at only 5 minutes long, and very focused towards the here and now.

This is one of the best meditations that I've experienced for when you are really short on time.

Presense and awareness are two states that I encourage everyone to experience, and this short meditation helps you to do exactly that.

Simple breath work, whilst you simply focus on the exact moment you're in.

So, there's 3 of my personal favourite meditations that can be found on Youtube.

If you've not tried meditation yet, then I highly recommend giving one of these guided meditations a chance.

From my own personal experience with it, and how it absolutely helped me in a time when I desperately needed it, I can say with so much certainty, that you'll be glad you did!


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