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3 Things You May Not Be Aware Are Stopping You From Sleeping

How many times have we heard or read that sleep is important for us to lose weight?

Good quality sleep is like the hub, and driving force of all the good things we do to make progress.

Finding energy hard to come by? Making an effort to improve sleep will go a long way!

More energy, better digestion and just an overall positively increased mood, usually all tend to come along with a good nights sleep.

The most common cause I come across to sleep not quite being where it should be, is the inability to fall asleep.

We know that ideally, we want to be in somewhat of a routine with this. Trying to keep a sleep cycle within the same timeframe day to day, as much as we realistically can.

(Just because I get up at 4:30am Monday to Friday, ain’t no way I’m doing that on a Sunday!)

Here’s 3 things that you maybe haven’t considered to be playing their part in your inability to fall asleep.

On a side note, they’re also 3 very possible reasons for disrupted sleep as well.

So, here we go.

1. Working

Checking emails, looking at the next again days schedule, last minute preparations for meetings..

I fully get that sometimes, working right up until the clock strikes midnight, may just be needed now and again, but on the whole, it's always going to be a lot better for us if this isn't the case.

Things that may only seem to take a few minutes, but are also sure fire ways to stimulate us in ways we don’t really want to be doing so, in the lead up to trying to fall asleep.

This is a time when we should be calming down. Our bodies & minds should be gradually getting into a position to rest for the night.

The purpose of this post remember, is to try and just bring some awareness to these potential causes.

So if you’re reading this, being reminded that you do in fact have a tendency to stay on your laptop in the run up to bedtime, then it might be worth your time making some slight changes.

Can you perhaps make a point of earlier in the day, doing the things you need to do for the next again day, to save yourself the job of doing it later at night?

Maybe you can just simply make a point of closing the laptop 30 minutes earlier than usual?

Giving you some more breathing space in terms of time to gradually rest and fall asleep.

2. Social Media

Similar to the issues with working, it’s all about the effect this stuff is having on your brain, and how it may be getting you hyped, one way or another, at a time when we really don’t want to be hyped.

The potential problem with scrolling newsfeeds so close to bedtime, is the chance of seeing something that causes some kind of reaction, that isn’t conducive to your needs of getting a good nights sleep.

Given that as much control as we have over the content we expose ourselves too, there’s always the chance of coming across something (or someone….) that brings out that reaction.

Again, it’s just worth being aware of.

Are you scrolling through newsfeeds in the minutes before going to bed?

What kind of content are you looking at?

What kind of pictures or videos are you taking in?

A lot of the stuff is harmless to be honest..

I hardly imagine some of the “meme” accounts I follow are causing me much trouble in that department, but still, it’s worth keeping an eye on. Especially if you are finding yourself struggling with sleep.

Similar to working, could you self enforce some form of limit to what time you decide you WON’T be checking social media after. Maybe an hour or so before bed? It might make all the difference.

3. Exercise

Hear me out..

Exercise ISN’T bad, in any way.

But, the one thing we do know about it, is it’s ability to raise stress levels in the body. Causing the body to produce hormones such as adrenaline.

To put it simply, our bodies basically create energy.

Energy that we don’t necessarily want too much of, especially late at night.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the time that you exercise with regards to sleep.

Again, if you’re struggling with sleep, and have also been exercising at 7pm/8pm in the evenings, there might be a link there.

It might be worth looking to change the time of your exercise slightly.

If not that, it might also be worth your time to invest a few minutes for some form of breathwork after your exercise session.

Something I’ve found to be extremely useful in helping return the body to it’s “relaxed” state.

Check out a recent post I did on meditations. Number 3 on the list would be a great one to try after exercise and before bed!

So there’s 3 things to perhaps consider when sleep is proving to be an issue.

There’s not much more frustrating than operating constantly on a poor nights sleep.

And while there are many different factors and areas you could try to address to help, it’s also worth noting the benefits of picking just 1 or 2 things to make slight changes.

The key is essentially relaxation at the right time.

And the minutes and hours leading up to bedtime, is definitely one of those right times, where relaxation mentally and physically is crucial!

Thank you for reading,


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