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3 Ways To Help Happiness Come Before Weight Loss

Honestly, you may feel like it’s really not my place to state whether or not finally achieving your ideal body will make you happy.

All I can really be certain of is that it didn’t for me..

But, let’s be open minded, and entertain the idea that it MIGHT be the thing to finally have you feeling fulfilled and accepting of yourself.

Let’s also suggest that you’re perhaps tired of waiting around for it?

Maybe it just feels like it’s taking forever to come around. That you’ve been trying, and trying, and trying..

Yet, you just don’t seem to be getting any closer, or maybe the end goal just seems to be getting further and further away..

I wanted to share 3 ways that, whilst you’re waiting for that to come along, you can take action

now, to increase the chances of happiness coming before weight loss.

1. Let Go Of All Expectations From The World On How You Think You SHOULD Look.

Easier said than done probably.

But, the first step is acknowledging where they come from.

Have a real think, and begin to notice different scenarios where you feel a “pressure” to look a certain way.

Is it at work? At home?

Is it perhaps even when scrolling Social Media?

What are the influences that cause you to feel like the way your are now, is somewhat unacceptable?

Just who or what’s expectations are leading you think that you need to be a certain weight or look a certain way?

Ultimately, it’s more than likely that these expectations are actually our own.

We can have our own expectations, on what other people expect.

Then, we simply notice them, and realise that if they are indeed ours at the root, then we have full control and can elevate ourselves above them.

2. Realise That NOBODY Has It Perfect.

Something that came up at a recent workshop I did, was that there can be elements of slight envy, or even resentment, towards those that seem to have it perfect.

I think we all know someone who can on the surface, eat what they want, exercise how they want, essentially live how they want, and still remain in the perfect shape.

But more importantly, have a level of happiness within themselves that we are always striving for.

I’ve been there. This is something I still have to remind myself of even today.

I’m not completely immune to these kinds of feelings. Instead I feel I have an ability to manage them, to the point where they won’t paralyse my efforts to continuously progress.

Whether it’s someone you only know from TV or Online, or someone you know personally, it’s easy to feel they have everything you don’t.

They might?

But, they might not.

The truth is we will never know for sure.

So to assume they do, and as a result leave ourselves feeling inadequate and resentful, seems extremely harsh.

Best thing to do in this scenario?

Accept we just simply do not know for certain.

We can never truly know as a fact, how someone else is feeling, and therefore can only speculate.

It would be easy for me to say do not compare yourself, but I know we all do it.

Hell, even I find myself doing it, even today.

The best way to approach this is to simply remind yourself that you are indeed only speculating.

It becomes so much easier to detach from it when it slowly starts to impact you negatively.

3. Remind Yourself That For Everyone You Wish You Could Be Like, There’s Someone Who Wishes They Could Be Like You.

That was a long winded point……

But, I feel so strongly about it!

At the recent Body Image Workshop I held, I challenged those in attendance to come up with 5 things about themselves that they believed other people would want.

Whether or not other people genuinely want these things? Again, I’ll admit, it’s only speculation in the end!

But does it matter? Not one bit!

The main issue that crept up, was the agreement that a list like this would be so much easier to compile had it been about things other people WOULDN’T want..

We should be our biggest fans?!

Truthfully, I honestly understand why this was the case. We can’t expect months or maybe years, of a set way of thinking, to suddenly change in the space of two minutes.

But, I still feel it’s worth reminding ourselves of.

It might be challenging when you feel that you would rather change everything about yourself. But it’s definitely worth it!

I'm currently looking to help 2 people who are done waiting for the scales to drop to be happy.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a part of my 7 Week Self Image Transformation program, then please get in touch.


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