• Michael Mclaren

3 Ways To Increase Your Confidence Of Going To The Gym

Do you just wish you had the confidence to go into the gym on your own, do your own thing, if and when you so wanted?

Group sessions and classes are amazing. But, part of the frustration around weight loss that I come across, is the missing sense of freedom, of being able to exercise and workout on the occasional days and times that suit you better.

This might be down to busy periods at work, or indeed working away for a few days.

The stumbling block?

A slight fear of the unknown..

Being nervous about going to the gym is completely normal. Try the tips in this post to remove those feelings of "unease"!

It’s completely normal to be unsure or feel a little bit nervous about stepping out onto a gym floor, if you haven’t really done so before.

I was about 25 or 26 before I first set foot in one that wasn’t a garage or a small hotel gym.

It can be terrifying..

I’d literally hide in the corner with a pair of dumbbells just repeating the only two arm exercises I knew, for around 30 minutes….

Machines looked wierd. I didn’t want to look like I was reading the instructions either.

Adjustable benches? Nope. I’d make use of however the previous person had left it. I didn’t want to be seen fiddling around with trying to move it incase I looked a bit silly..

Of course there is NOTHING to feel silly about, there never was. But my point is, I’ve been there.

And my hope is to help those who want to enjoy that sense of freedom of knowing they’re fully able, to step foot into a gym and exercise if, and when they please.

So here’s 3 things that I’m sure will help get you started!

1️⃣ Go With A Friend

Or anyone for that matter.

Strength in numbers and all that.

Having someone alongside you the first couple of times can make a huge difference. You don’t even need to necessarily workout..

Just being able to spend some time in the surroundings of the gym floor, will work wonders for your confidence in the long run.

Finishing of a Spin Class? Why not ask someone you’re familiar with from the class to go out and spend 5-10 minutes getting used to the gym floor.

Maybe even having a go on a couple of machines or some light dumbbell exercises. (Safely of course!).

2️⃣ Go For A Walk Around

No one to go with?

No problem.

Head on up to your favourite class or on to the treadmill for some walking/running, then simply go for a short walk through the rest of the gym when you’re done.

You don’t need to touch any weights or machines, or do any sort of workout. It’s simply a step to get you a bit more familiar to where things are.

I often find once the “unknown” in terms of where things are is removed, a huge barrier has already been taken down.

But again, it’s just about exposure.

The more you expose yourself to a surrounding, the more you’ll realise in time, that you CAN be comfortable there.

And that while it may fill you with nerves at the moment, you’ll soon find out that it doesn’t always need to be that way.

3️⃣ Short Workout In A Stretching/Quiet Area

This can be done before or after a class or group session as well.

Nothing complex, nothing intense.

Like the other points on this list, it’s about breeding familiarity with the surroundings.

Heading over to the stretch area or quiet part of the gym floor, and doing 1 or 2 rounds of sit ups, over time, will go a long way to helping you feel comfortable in that environment.

It just increases the time you’re spending there.

Allowing that initial phase of “fear” pass. You’ll soon realise that you don’t have to be nervous of feel uneasy about the gym floor.

Hell, you could even head on over the stretching area and actually do some stretching..

You can do whatever. The workout itself isn’t important at this stage.

What is important, is helping you get to a stage where you hold a sense of freedom, knowing that exercise is available at any time, any day.

The key thing to keep in mind in all of this, is that we don’t need to go “all or nothing”.

Sure, walking around a gym isn’t exactly what you’d call “training”, but who cares at this point?

It’s small steps that will help you to a position where something you once thought was just in no way for you, becomes something you can do with ease.

Give them a try, watch your confidence sky rocket, and enjoy the sense of freedom knowing you can choose to exercise when, and where you want!


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