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3 Ways To Stop Social Media From Getting You Down 🙌🏼

I know I’m probably not the only one who occasionally feels like checking social media just seems to highlight everything that I don’t have.

Whether it’s a fitness account causing me to feel like I should be unhappy with how I physically look, or something a bit more general where it just makes me feel like whatever I’m doing, just isn’t good enough.

It’s caused me huge amounts of stress and anxiety recently.

I did a 2 week break earlier in the year, and wrote a piece about what I learned and the impact it had on me, check it out HERE if you haven't already!

But truthfully, I can’t NOT be on social media. It’s just the way it seems to be nowadays. It’s here and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So I needed to find a way in which it wouldn’t get my heart racing, and give me that sinking feeling, at the thought of having to use it.

It’s a comparison game, isn’t it?

Not comparing yourself to others is just so much easier said than done though.

It comes up in conversations around self image a lot.

But, trying to go cold turkey and just remove it or drastically limit our usage might not be the best way, at least not for more than a week or so.

Instead, here’s 3 ways I tend to stick too. Especially when I find it causing all sorts of anxieties and self criticisms based on what I’m seeing.

1. Acknowledge How It’s Making You Feel.

An easy one that doesn’t involve any removal of social media apps. It’s simply just genuinely asking yourself how you feel, when looking at certain posts or pictures.

How does this make me feel?

Does this motivate me?

Does this make me feel good about myself?

Just creating awareness around the impact certain things are having on us can help us to either realise that it’s an unfair comparison to make, or that there’s a trend in the types of things that make us feel a certain way.

I remember a time when I followed 2 or 3 accounts because I was convinced they were motivating me.

But, on closer inspection and with a bit more attention being paid, I slowly realised that they weren’t motivating me at all. I just wanted them too.

It was more of an anxious feeling, that I needed to get stuff done because I wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t inspiring me to achieve something as such, more guilting me into action to try and avoid a feeling of failure.

As with everything, it starts with simply noticing it in the beginning. Just having the ability to see it from this perspective also can straight away diminish the negative effect it may otherwise have.

You can begin to realise that, as mentioned before, any negative feeling coming from comparison is just generally unfair.

2. Go In With A Purpose.

Social Media is actually a really good thing.

I absolutely love it for being able to access awesome blog posts, get a laugh out of memes, and of course keep up to date with all that is happening in the football world!

And one thing I’ve found to work for me in terms of keeping myself sane whilst logging in, is to have somewhat of a clear reason as to why I’m going on it.

I never used to think about this..

I’d sometimes only suddenly realise that I’d even loaded the app when I was about 10 seconds into scrolling.

It becomes almost like a habit. Anytime you’re stood with nothing to do for even a minute, or when you’re sat in some awkward silence with others in the room. It’s a pretty handy little escape tool.

But, I’ve found it was much better for me, to have a reason as to why I felt the need to go on in the first place.

Whether it was to write or schedule a post, reply to comments or messages or even specifically to check on some facts or news story, I found you’re less likely to spend more time on it than you need too.

Thus, massively reducing the chances that we’ll be vulnerable to any negative thoughts or feelings associated with what we come across when scrolling through newsfeeds.

You go in, get what you need, and then feel satisfied enough to not hang around longer than is needed.

3. Be Ruthless With Who You Follow.

Touching back on how certain posts make you feel, it made a huge difference to my own anxiety on social media, when I developed a fairly cut throat attitude towards who I follow.

I get that we might feel obliged to follow certain accounts or people, but social media is just an online platform. Unfollowing someones posts doesn’t transfer over to real life and mean you suddenly want nothing to do with someone.

Being honest, I’ve unfollowed plenty of accounts, be it friends or family, even temporarily, if the content I’m seeing just isn’t what I need at that moment.

I’ll go back and re-follow at some point. But sometimes, I’ll be in a frame of mind that just doesn’t need to run the risk of becoming bogged down by negative posts, or posts that cause me to feel

Don’t worry about missing out on anything, because it doesn’t need to be permanent. Even if for a few days, it can be great for your energy and mind to simply just not be exposing yourself to any content that leaves you feeling inadequate or anxious about your situation.

Spend 5 minutes every now and then auditing accounts that to choose to allow into your space.

I personally use the 3 E's..




If an account is failing to do any of these 3 things for me, more than I'd like, then I seriously consider giving it an unfollow, or stopping it from reaching my newsfeed for a few days at least.

Your newsfeed is a privilege for others to be able to appear in. Make sure those fortunate enough to be in, are providing you with what you need.

Interested in taking part in a FREE 10 day course designed to give your self image the boost is massively deserves?

Email me at michael@m3perform.com to find out how you can get involved!

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