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5 Things About Fat Loss I Wish I Could Say To 20 Year Old Me.

I’m slowly approaching stoppage time on my 20’s..

In as little as 6 months I’ll be celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 21st..

*shakes head & sighs*

It’ll be here before I know it, and it’s actually been somewhat fun to think back to myself as a 20 year old.

I probably should have waited a bit closer to the time, but ah well.

It’s been fun to reflect. Made even easier by a few Facebook memories that have decided to creep up into my notifications.

From Galashiels to Manchester.. ➡️

From shelf stacker to business owner.. ➡️

I’ve made more than a few changes to my surroundings over the last few years.

When I think about it however, those are actually pretty easy things to spot.

What I’ve never really considered before, until now, was not only where I was or how I looked when I was 20 - but also how I thought.

What kind of things did I believe back then?

Especially around fat loss.

Well, I thought a lot differently to how I do now. I almost shake my head in disbelief at some of the things I used to believe, and some of the approaches I took.

All just to feel a bit happier and more confident in myself.

How great would it be to go back to 2010 and shake some sense into myself.

In fact, if I could speak my 20 year old self, here’s what I’d say..

1. You Don’t Have To Get It Right First Time.. Chill.


Stop putting yourself under so much pressure.

Stop beating yourself up for “falling off your diet” or missing a few gym sessions.

Stop convincing yourself you should be there already or waste time and energy by wishing you’d started earlier or anything like that.

Be ok with the fact there’s going to be ups and downs. You’ll have days where you feel invincible and days where you feel that there’s no point in even trying.

You won’t put on weight forever, and you won’t lose weight forever.

Gain some body fat? You’re still good!

Lose some body fat? You’re still good!

Basically, learn to love the process, and take some pride in the steps you’re taking to get there.

Let the outcome take care of itself.

2. Forget Your Holiday, Consider The Bigger Picture..

Life does actually go on after your 7 day break in Zante.

(Trust me, it was 7 days, even if you only remember 2)

Yeah, work hard for it. I totally get why you think it’ll be more fun if you’re feeling good about yourself and the way you look.

But keep in mind, that it is only 7 days, and you can’t live like you’re preparing for a holiday forever.

Stay in touch with friends, keep up your hobbies, and don’t feel like you can stick them all on the shelf for a bit while you go take 4 scoops of pre workout, listen to hardstyle music and train chest, arms and more chest on a Friday night.

While you’re at it actually…

Do some stretching for god sake.

Yours thankfully,

An older version of you.

3. Abs Will Not Help You Get Girls…

Not much else to say on this point..

Trust me though… 🙄

Especially if you’re on the way to sacrificing any personality you’ve got to obtain them.

Abs ain't impressing anyone if you've got the banter levels of a brick.

4. You’re Not Gonna Look Like Those Guys On Youtube..

The ultimate pre training motivation.

Spending 30 minutes waiting for the caffeine to kick in and watching ripped up guys doing bicep curls on youtube to house music.

I’m getting fired up just thinking about it!

(Just kidding, of course)

It’s all a bit of harmless fun. And if it gets you fired up for a decent session at the gym, that’s cool.

But try not to let THAT become the standard that you judge yourself against.

In fact, don’t judge yourself against any standard.

Nothing wrong with aiming high, but don’t let your happiness and sense of self worth become reliant upon you reaching it.

Enjoy the steps you’re taking to get there.

5. Other People Don’t Care About Your Weight - Only Who You Are As A Person

Ah man, this seems so clear & obvious looking back.

I mean, you’re surrounded by amazing people. But for some reason, you think that they’ll like you more, if you succeed in losing fat?

Not only that, but you’ve got the belief that it’ll make even more people like you?

Trust me, this will hit home the most when you do your first (and only) photoshoot in 2016.

That slow realisation that even though you’ve finally got some abs, the people that liked you before, still like you.

And the people that didn’t like you before… well.. they probably dislike you a little bit more now after you seeing you drenched in baby oil on facebook.

Any value you can bring to the lives of others will shine through any body shape or size.

Embrace it.

I suppose in a way, despite the title of this post, it’s a good thing I’ll never get the chance to offer that hindsight.

For two reasons really.

Firstly - there’s no way I’d be listening to anything that wasn’t Chris Brown or through Xbox Live back in 2010.

Secondly - I’m grateful to have had those beliefs in the first place, because those are what have led me on this journey I’m on now.

I’m in a position where I’ve never been clearer on what I wanted to do. I’ve never experienced as much clarity on who I want to help.

And I’ve never been as motivated and focussed to do so as I am right now.

And I’ve got all of those older beliefs to thank for that.

They led me to making all the little and big decisions that have ensured I end up at this point, where I even have the confidence to post this!

And, if any of this feels like I may be talking to you, then as you can see, I’ve been there.

I get it.

I get that you may even be brushing off the idea that it is possible to change.

After all, beliefs can be a pretty powerful thing.

So whilst you may not quite believe a change of perspective is possible just yet, resist the urge to completely dismiss it.

Throw it in the “maybe” pile for now.

You never know when the time might come when you’re ready to use it, and begin to completely upgrade those beliefs to become the happy and confident version of you, that you deserve to be.

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