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5 Ways To Set Yourself Up To Feel Great This Summer! ☀️

Summer is definitely on it's way!

And whilst the time to organise transport to the airport might seem a little bit away yet, now is definitely the time to get started on making sure you feel as comfortable and as great as you possibly can, whilst you're chilling on the beach.

Here's 5 ways to make sure that's a reality come holiday time.

1. Get Moving 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼

Fat loss tends to happen when we rely on more than just time spent in a gym.

Whilst exercise is important, it'll only take you so far.

Take your fat burning up a notch by becoming more and more active in general. There are usually loads of unseen opportunities to move more in every daily routine.

Check out a blog I did HERE, on a simple strategy to increase your steps effortlessly!

Switching on to this now leaves you with loads of time to rack up those steps, and leave your potential summer outfits, feeling looser than ever.

TIP 👇🏼

Take the stairs whenever possible at work, at home or any place that has them! It might seem fairly small but when done consistently, will do wonders for your fat loss goals!

2. Sleep In 😴

Or alternatively, and possibly more realistically, go to bed earlier at night!

Sleep is one of, if not the single most important tool when it comes to leaving unwanted body fat behind.

Everything from your appetite and cravings, to your overall energy, mood and motivation will be influenced by your ability to get a good nights sleep.

Here's 3 things that you may not even be aware are affecting your sleep!

Improving your sleep will help you see big results, and just in time for the beach!

TIP 👇🏼

Give yourself a time at which you'll go to bed, along with some form of routine beforehand.

Meditating, reading and journalling are 3 things that can be very effective in calming the brain and body, signalling that it's time to close out the day!

3. DON'T Diet.. 😬

Well, not in the way that the term diet is often used.

Focusing solely on simply eating less and less isn't all that sustainable, or beneficial, especially not if you're moving and exercising more in the process.

Instead, I encourage the focus to be switched to the quality of food.

Basically, ensuring the majority of the food you eat looks the way it is supposed to look.

Eg. Blueberries over a blueberry snack bar.

Including plenty of veggies throughout the day too will make sure you're not only looking great this summer, but feeling it as well!

TIP 👇🏼

Make most of your plates as colourful as you can with foods that contain as little ingredients as possible. Ideally single ingredient choices, but failing that, the less things listed in the food, the better!

4. Water, Water, Water 💦

Staying hydrated plays it's part in so many areas when it comes to losing body fat. Including the removal of excess water.

Essentially, if we don't drink enough water, we'll hold on to water.

No wonder the scales play havoc on us...

Getting into the habit of regularly drinking some water everyday, will see your energy and fat burning capabilities go up! Whilst your water retention and cravings go down.

TIP 👇🏼

Set yourself the goal of having a glass of water within a few minutes of waking up in the morning! Along with making sure you have one to go next to every meal throughout the day!

5. Stay Ahead 💡

It's pretty normal for times of distress at work, home or on the road, knock the idea of losing fat down the list of priorities.

For example, I don't imagine the fibre and protein content of something you're about to eat matters all that much, when you're hungry and find yourself with a looming deadline at work.

Trying to be as proactive as you can and somewhat predict some of these situations could make all the difference going in the warmer months!

Creating small Plan B's ahead of time, will make sure that whilst workloads and travel may go up and down, your diet stays consistent enough to the point that you can not only enjoy the break from those stresses on holiday, you can enjoy the body you worked so hard for and the feelings of confidence that come with it!

TIP 👇🏼

Set aside a few minutes at the beginning of the week to spot potential situations that might threaten to cause havoc. Using the extra time to produce some back up options.

Eg. where to go for lunch when travelling or pre-prepared snacks and meals to keep at work incase time is limited.

There you have it!

5 ways to set yourself up to feel great this summer!

I can't wait for my own trip abroad next month when I head to Portugal as part of Inspirit Retreat for the May Resort.

Wherever you're jetting off to this summer, make sure you're implementing some of the tips provided to make sure you enjoy it without a worry in the world!


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