• Michael Mclaren

A Daily Checklist For When You Can't Stick To A Diet

Another Monday comes and goes..

Another new diet perhaps beginning?

I genuinely wish you nothing but success with it if it's your first attempt at it!

But, if it's perhaps more than your first, second or even third attempt at sticking to a plan that'll keep you on track, or if you're coming of the back of yet another attempt at it, that didn't end well, then stick around.

Let's simplify it a little?

Here's a little checklist that anybody could hit on any day, without any stresses or worries of coming unstuck.

These aren't glamorous..

They are effective though.

Stick to this for a week or two, and not only will your confidence grow from sticking to something consistently, you'll also see yourself getting closer and closer to your body goals..

1. Glass Of Water At Every Meal

"Water" the chances that this one would be first? 🤷🏼‍♂️

I'm pretty sure it isn't hard to scroll a social media feed and see someone posting about how important this is.

More energy and more willpower to resist the temptations of needlessly snacking.

Not to overly worry about how much you're drinking to the exact millilitre, at least not now. It's about gaining momentum.

2. Something Green At Every Meal

No.. jelly beans, jelly babies, haribo & skittles don't count.

Bit of broccoli, bit of spinach or even a couple of green beans.

Just get something green on every plate or in every tupperware box you eat from.

3. Protein At One Meal Per Day.

Just kidding. You can surely see the trend by now. We want protein at every meal.

From some nicely cooked meat or a beautifully whipped up omelette..

To some of the more veggie friendly options like kidney beans, chickpeas, peanuts & almonds.

There's a bit of protein to be found without too much difficulty for every meal.

This is it..


I wanted to make it as simple as I could.

The common misconception around anything that resembles "dieting", is that we need to somehow go big.

Weighing out food, tracking every calorie, cycling our carbs..

There's a time and a place for all of that.

For now, and especially when you're struggling to actually stick to any of these more intense "diets", give this checklist a go.


You can also go and grab yourself a copy of my Fat Loss Checklist.

There's a couple more extra steps in there and some more practical steps that you can take to keep on getting closer to your goals!

As for now, I hope you find this extremely helpful, and encourage you to share with friends who you feel are getting stuck in the same old cycle when it comes to dieting.

Have a great day!


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