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A World On Standstill, But One Thing Hasn’t Stopped. 🌎

Bars, restaurants, coffee shops… all closed.

City centre streets barely resemble what they once used to be.

It doesn’t just feel quiet. It almost feels abandoned.

This was the overwhelming thought I couldn’t quite let go of yesterday morning (Sunday 5th April), as I decided to go for an early morning stroll through the city.

On the surface it looks as if everything has temporarily come to a halt.

Which, if truth be told, is quite clearly the case.

Although over the last 7 days or so, I’ve been reminded of one thing that has NOT stopped.

That thing being time itself.

We’ve all had to endure drastic change, in one form or another in the recent weeks.

Changes in circumstances that for a lot of us, would have seemed like “worst case scenarios” only a month ago.

But alas, we adapt. We shift, shape and manoeuvre ourselves into positions that allows us to cope, or better yet, thrive in a situation that is through no fault of our own.

Something I spoke about at length during my over the phone counselling session last week.

The decision to re-start those sessions at the beginning of February after a year without, is beginning to feel like a masterstroke right now. They’re so valuable.

Coming back to the content of that session, I felt like I was hit with a huge sense of reality. A hit which I’m grateful for.

The realisation that whilst our world may appear on standstill, time moves on regardless.

I recently cancelled my 30th Birthday celebrations out of respect to the situation.

I fully plan on re-visiting them later in the year, but that won’t change the fact that it’s likely I’ll be closer to 31.

I’ll continue to age. Time will continue to plough on.

Back at the beginning of all this I would have swapped my right arm (I’m left handed so it’s ok), to go to sleep and somehow wake up 6 months later.

The thought of just drifting off one night and all of this being over in the blink of an eye was so tempting, despite the fact it’s nigh on impossible.

Then again, would I really want to give up so much precious and valuable time so easily?

One thing I’ve taken from this train of thought is that time is not refundable.

For however long we’re asked to stay indoors whilst the streets remain a shadow of their usual busy selves and for however long it feels as though we’ve pressed pause on life as a whole, we can be assured that time waits around for nothing.

It moves past us, or we move through it, whichever way we want to look at it.

We age, day by day.

One of the first thoughts I had at the beginning of all this was how much this scenario highlights the importance of time that we have.

Yet, I instantly found myself wishing a large chunk of that away, as if I had unlimited resources.

This isn’t to say you should suddenly feel happy and motivated to accomplish 100 different things at once.

It’s ok to feel sad or frustrated. I know I’m guilty of repeating that in a lot of my posts, but I feel it’s really important to ensure we all know that.

The fact time is moving on shouldn’t strike us with fear.

Instead, I only hope it acts as a friendly reminder, that the feelings of sadness or worry, will pass.

This situation as a whole, will pass.

In the meantime however, time remains the most precious and valuable commodity we have.

We all owe it to ourselves, not to wish it away.

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