• Michael Mclaren

Do We Exaggerate Stress?

In today’s world of having everything and anything available in almost the blink of an eye, it’s extremely understandable why we might do this..

As much as we want answers to questions and solutions to problems almost instantly, it’s easy to see why we perhaps want to sum things up ourselves, in as little time as possible also.

When asked by someone how our day at work was, it’s very easy to try and sum it up.

Throw a blanket over the whole day and say it was stressful, hectic or chaotic.

I’m not for one second claiming that we shouldn’t ever feel stress at work.

Although if you missed my blog on how changing your perspective on stress in the workplace can help you leave the stressful job and still get paid, then check it out HERE.

But, are we guilty of exaggerating the whole experience?

Wrapping a whole day up together and labelling it stressful, when perhaps in reality it was only really a couple of hours that caused you that stress?

How does this affect how we reflect on the day?

Could it mean we’re now accepting of the idea that work in itself, is stressful?

How big an impact could replacing words like stressful, chaotic or hectic, with a more positive sounding word like productive, exciting or challenging, have on how we not only view the day just gone, but the days that are yet to come?

How we chose our words could be a different post all together, but for now I’d encourage you to simply create a list.

It may seem as though an off the cuff comment such as “work is stressful”, may be pretty harmless, but it may very well be a case of not being able to notice the detrimental effects of something until we take a step back and make an alteration to our perspective.

Grab a pen and paper.

Think back to a day you think of as extremely stressful.

Was the day itself all that bad?

What about that day made it so intense?

You may find that in fact not withstanding a couple of hours before lunch, the day itself wasn’t all that bad.

It may even change your view on how you view work going forward.

Allowing you to think more positively about the time you’ll be spending there.

You may just have removed a whole heap of stress, in the blink of an eye!

Give it a try!


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