• Michael Mclaren

How To Decide Whether Something Is "Good" Or "Bad" For You

If you’ve ever asked a personal trainer, or anyone for that matter..

Are those bad for you? Or, is this good for you?

Then this could really help you out.

I don’t think anything should be considered good or bad. I imagine we’ve all heard of moderation?

When it comes to having a takeaway, a bottle of wine, a piece of cake etc.. then I think the context of it becomes more important than whatever it is you’re planning to have.

For example, there’s a huge difference in enjoying some cake at a friends birthday party, and heading to the Tesco chocolate aisle on the way home from work after a very stressful Monday, in the hope it’ll make you feel better.

Your surroundings and reasons for doing so can be totally different, and I think, will say more about whether or not something is “good or bad”, than the amount of calories ever could.

I’d encourage you to be the coach at certain times, by asking yourself and considering some of these questions when faced with the dilemma of whether or not something is good or bad for you to have.

Am I making the progress I want to be making?

How often do I do this?

Is there an occasion?

Is it a reaction to a lot of stress?

Is it part of socialising with friends?

Am I in a positive mood, or reacting to something negative like anger, frustration, sadness, tiredness?

Obviously every situation will be different, and I'm a huge believer in never feel guilty about “treating yourself” to bits of chocolate, cake, alcohol etc.

Hopefully by considering some of the questions above, you can work out for yourself whether something is good or bad for you.

And in return, never have to feel like you've got to work twice as hard in the gym or eat chicken and spinach for the rest of the week!

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