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How To Leave Your “Stressful” Job And Still Get Paid.

I’m being super serious right now.

If the job you’re in right now, is stressing you out, then I’m going to explain to you how you can leave that stressful job, whilst continuing to get paid.

Believe it or not, stress in the office is fairly common.

We all want a job where we don't have to suffer from large amount of stress.

Deadlines, meetings, presentations, travelling..

I’ve seen it have massive impacts on clients past & present.

How can you leave that stressful job and still get paid though?

Well, its simple enough in theory.

What if you could leave that stressful job, by turning it into a “not so stressful” job?

Ah please read on, I hope I didn’t get your hopes up with the idea of some crazy get rich quick scheme..

2 Types of Stress

There’s 2 different types of stress, and unfortunately, we often associate the word stress itself, with only one of these types. And it’s the negative one..

Eustress - A “stressful” situation that creates positive thinking despite challenge.

Distress - A “stressful” situation that feels overwhelming, creating negative thoughts and an assumption that things are unlikely to end well.

A little bit of stress when met with the right frame of mind, is actually a great thing.

It’s what energises us, allowing us to rise to challenges and focus on the task in hand.

So, what determines whether our jobs are a Eustress, or Distress?

Well, that’s all down to how YOU perceive that job, and the tasks and situations associated with it..

How Do You Turn Your "Stressful" Job Into A "Not So Stressful" Job?

Back to the original point..

Here’s a quote that seriously hit me like a tonne of bricks when I first read it.

It almost sums up stress in the workplace perfectly in my opinion.

“Job stress comes from the demands of work, exceeding the workers belief in their own ability to cope with the demands.”

I don’t know about you, but this was a huge lightbulb moment for me!

Now, going back to leaving that stressful job of yours.

What needs to change for this to be possible?

Well, your beliefs around stress.

Realising that the stress we suffer from, can almost come down to a perceived lack of self belief regarding the tasks we have to do.

If you’re reading this now and find yourself currently worried or stressed about something work related, ask yourself..

Am I capable of coping with this task?

The honest answer to that simple question could be all the difference between whether or not the stress you encounter, threatens to hold you back, or gives you the focus and energy required to make sure you no longer have to work in that “stressful” job, but continue to get paid!

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