• Michael Mclaren

How To Let Social Media Help You Win!

Social Media gets such a bad rep sometimes.

Some of it is justified definitely. And, myself included, we probably do spend a little too much time on it.

(Ok, maybe more than a little..)

It’s just such a huge part of our lives now, and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

We rely on these platforms for a lot.

Keeping up to date with news, staying in touch with friends, staying in the loop with regards to new restaurants, bars etc in our areas.

So, I don’t necessarily think trying to rid ourselves of the time we spend on Social Media is the answer.

Sure, we could do with managing it a bit better.

But I think we’d do a lot better with actually managing what we see in our timelines and newsfeeds when we are scrolling through.

I firmly believe that by shifting how we view Social Media from how much it distracts and disarms us, to how it could potentially help us, could go a long way to making sure momentum continues to build.

I personally keep in mind The 3 E’s..




If an account or page consistently does anything but these 3 things for me, I’ll unfollow.

Does it motivate you? Does it get you in a frame of mind that you’re ready to go out and get what you want?

Does it teach you valuable information you didn’t know? Does it provide you with knowledge that can help you?

Is your time spent on Social Media working for, or against you?

Or is it just simply making you laugh? Making you feel good?

(I’m a sucker for any page that throws out memes..)

During my own experiences with extreme dieting, I would follow any desserts page I could find.

I convinced myself that it was indeed motivating me.

“Only 14 more weeks until I can have that double stuffed Nutella brownie for breakfast!”

In hindsight though, I realise now that I was only really making things a lot harder for myself.

I didn’t need to be seeing that everyday.

And I think the same could be said for a lot of social media accounts we follow.

It starts with being really honest with yourself when scrolling through your timeline or newsfeed.

Just taking a second to think about the effects some of the things are seeing are having on us and our goals.

The last thing anyone needs, is to be left feeling like what they are achieving day after day and week after it, is any less an accomplishment because of something they’ve seen on a social media app.

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