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Some Steps To Try If Your Weight Is Stressing You Out

SPOILER - You’re about to enter a judgement free zone.

For the duration of this post I’d like you leave the temptation to self criticise at the door.

The pressure we can put on ourselves to drop ‘x’ amount of weight by this day or that day for this event or that event…

It can be heavy!

I’ve been there myself, and seen a lot of people over the years face this stress everyday.

As if everyday life wasn’t hectic enough.. we now throw this onto the pile!

I really believe we don’t need it.

I’ll say it again.

We. Don’t. Need it.

If we really think about it, how often do we actually want to simply just “lose weight”.

That’s not for me to say obviously, but it’s worth taking a minute just now and considering it.

What do you actually want?

I’ll wait.

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to have all the answers inside 60 seconds, but it’s something to keep in mind moving forward.

Getting back to the point in hand though, how to stop weight loss providing us with more stress?

How do we swing it round so that we learn to appreciate and be thankful for our bodies and who we are separate from that, before we’ve dropped even a single pound of body fat?

Here’s a few things to try, if you’re ready to enjoy the journey a little bit more.

1. Remember Why It’s Awesome.

Set a 5 minute timer on your phone. Do it now if you wish.

Write down as many reasons as you can think of why your body is awesome as it is. Think about all the incredible experiences you’ve had, the applause you’ve received and the people you’ve met through exercise - and remember without your bodies ability to always produce when you need it to, none of these would have been possible.

Things like completing a 10k or half marathon come to mind!

Or if you’ve ever had a whole gym cheering you on as you blast out the last couple reps of a 50 burpee set.

Remember how awesome that felt? It’s only fair your body takes some of the credit for that.

Sure, it might be hard to forget about the things you don’t currently like about it, but remember that there’s plenty of reasons to like it right now also.

2. Put A Positive Spin On It

“I need to lose weight”..


I’ve said this so many times that it’s lost a lot of meaning.

I hear it a lot too.

It’s pretty negative don’t you think?

Self talk is a huge part of this. The little voice in your head narrating every choice you make can make a big difference to your perspective on all of this. And it starts with noticing when it’s acting like a bit of a dick..

Almost makes it seem as though there’s something wrong with you.

Maybe that’s just how I see it. But either way, there’s nothing wrong.

Instead, try catching yourself when that word “need” comes into play.

Try rephrasing it. Opting for something such as “I want to get healthier”.

It’s much more fun and enjoyable to feel as though there’s something beyond the horizon that you’re working towards as opposed to that feeling of constantly running away from something.

A weight loss journey should be exciting! It’ll be filled with ups and down, wins and losses and you’ll sure as hell learn so much about yourself when done right.

3. Smash Your Scales To Pieces.

Ok, so that’s maaaaybe a little bit extreme right now.

After all, you probably spent a decent bit of money on them.

So perhaps, instead of smashing them to pieces, try giving them a swerve for a little while.

After all, if we go back to one of the points made earlier, the number on that scale is not really what you’re after, is it?

It doesn’t define your efforts, who you are, your self worth or anything like that.

And when this whole process is already causing you a lot of unnecessary stress, it carries the potential to just cause havoc.

Instead, concentrate on what you’re doing everyday, rather than where it’s leading you.

Learning to just value who you are and appreciate your body through gratitude, mindfulness and providing it with everything it needs in terms of good food, nutrients, water, sleep and exercise, will often lead you to where you want to be anyways.

You don’t need some tiny little digital step telling you that.

I really believe that genuine changes is a journey. One that requires consistency, discipline and usually, a whole lot of self compassion.

One that will have good days and bad days.

No-one said it has to fill you with dread.

And as far as I believe, it really shouldn’t.

There’s a lot of great days ahead and whilst you’ll go through a few crappy ones in amongst them all, you can only try your best to take pride in the steps your taking.

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