• Michael Mclaren

Using A "Bad" Habit To Your Advantage.

Working in the fitness industry, I only have so many hours in a day that I can commit to coaching clients 1-2-1.

If I’m fully booked, and a potential new client wants to train, I can’t put them into my diary, not without disrupting my whole routine.

Let’s say I really want them to train with me. Then I could always allow them to come to one of my client’s sessions.

Everybody’s happy and my actual routine has pretty much stayed the same.

Ok, so I hope that made sense..

I’ll now explain how it relates to habits.

Especially smaller but effective habits, such as drinking more water.

It’s easy to set a target of litres, and just go on about your routine, aiming to remember to hit that target as the day goes on.

And this will work for a lot of people!

But if that isn’t working for you, and you’re still struggling, then perhaps trying to let this potential new habit “piggy back” onto an already existing habit, may help.

For example, you may already be drinking 4 or 5 cups of coffee or tea day. First action point I’d suggest with that, is too simply have a glass of water with every cup.

You’re no longer thinking about hitting 2 litres or 3 litres. You’re now only concerned with having a glass of water with every hot drink.

Even if you’re routinely doing something you don’t really consider to be doing you any good.

Let’s use mindlessly scrolling Social Media (we all do it….) as an example.

We don’t need to necessarily worry about moving new habits in and removing unhelpful habits out, all at the same time.

(Not unless they're REALLY causing problems..)

Why not use the fact you routinely check social media, as a cue to have a drink of water.

Eventually there’s the high chance that even when this “less than helpful” habit is gone, or at least reduced, that drinking the water is going to almost take it’s place.

Going back to my example at the start, it’d be like my original client leaving, meaning the new client now has their slot.

Of course there’s still an element of remembering, but hopefully over time, any existing habit, something that you routinely do each day, can act as a trigger for you to take action, on whatever new habit you’re trying to implement!

Hope this can help!


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