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Why I'm Ready For Christmas (And Any Potential Weight Gain From It 🙄)

Christmas is coming.. 🎄 👀

The markets are in full flow, the parties are on their way and I bet most of us are feeling the wind down just slowly starting to appear on the horizon!

It really is a pretty awesome time. I love it!

However, for every bit as fun and enjoyable as the month of December is, there has always been one element of it that I’ve never really enjoyed all that much.

In fact, it’s caused me all kinds of stress in the past.

The aftermath.

(Ok so technically not a part of December, but still…)

I love to drink and eat and take time off from “personal trainer mode”, and just simply enjoy it!

I’m sure most of us are the same.

However, have you ever found yourself almost dropping a great big sigh at the prospect of it all?

Maybe you’ve just started to make some real progress with regards to your health and fitness goals.

Maybe you’re on somewhat of a roll, and have been slowly but surely building up your own confidence with regards to how you look and feel about your body?

Then a time of the year comes along where mince pies are everywhere, tubs of celebrations lay spread out across the office or at home, and as much as we love to enjoy it, it fills us with the tiniest inkling of dread.

Fuelled by the thought and realisation that come January, when the dust has settled and the lights come down, we’re going to be feeling like we’ve somehow set ourselves back.

That our clothes will feel a bit tighter.

Exercise might feel a bit harder.

Embracing that same self confidence that’s been building up in the lead up, might seem harder to grab a hold of.


Ok, maybe it was just me..

Anyway. Just incase that does resonate a little, I wanted to share why this year, is the first year I can ever remember, that I’m absolutely ok with putting on some weight over Christmas, and why you should be too.

Before I write anymore, I probably should mention a couple of things that I massively believe.

First up is that I’m in no way trying to encourage anyone to completely throw in the towel on the festive period as a whole.

We often see this month as an obstacle when it comes to any health and fitness related goals.

When in reality, the added engagements throughout, still make up a fairly small portion of the month as a whole.

So keep on practicing those good habits that you have been all year long.

Secondly, that anything and everything we do over this time, is a choice we make.

Whether it’s more alcohol, more chocolate, or less exercise.

They’re all choices. We choose to get involved.

Acknowledging that can already take away some of the self imposed pressure we place on ourselves throughout.

It might seem like we kinda have to fall in line, and have some chocolate, or miss some training sessions due to an extra busy social calendar.

However for most of us, when that does feel like the case, we’re possibly overlooking something that’s so important to me.

Our priorities.

I’ve shared a few times my beliefs on this. That losing weight and getting lean isn’t always needed as a number one priority, all of the time.

I’ve only just realised that this year.

I used to spend January, feeling lower than ever, because I’d enjoyed myself “too much” over Christmas.

Looking back I can see that was so needless.

As I mentioned, it was my choice to partake in what caused that weight gain.

I also completely overlooked the fact that during that time, my priorities changed.

Instead of working non stop to get “ripped” and become lean, my priorities shifted towards other things.

Things like time with family, time with friends, time away from my usual responsibilities and workplace, and time spent solely enjoying food for the sake of enjoying food, without concerning myself what nutrients or calories I was consuming.

(And of course time spent unwinding and getting a little bit merry!)

And, I got all those things. I got to fully enjoy all those things.

It’s super easy to enjoy this time of year.

What wasn’t so easy for me, was to start the new year in the same forward thinking and accepting frame of mind.

So this year will be, at least as far as I can remember, the first Christmas & New Year that I’m fully ready for any potential “setbacks” regarding weight or how my body looks.

And I’ll be choosing to focus and remember that should that be the case, it’ll be as a result from choices I made, for my reasons.

Again, this is just my experience.

If you’ve never found yourself in that position come January - I love it.

If you have however, then start now on saving yourself any dread or any feelings of guilt or shame after it’s all said and done.

Focus on the choices you’re making this December, and remember the reasons why.

And, despite having said all that, ensuring you continue to control what you can control, along with sticking to the basics, means it might not even be all that bad come January anyways!

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