• Michael Mclaren

Why We're Wasting Our Time Waiting For The "Perfect" Moment To Start.

All too often I see people delaying or avoiding the chance to start a new plan or take the first step in their journey to achieving their health and fitness goals, due to not being or feeling ready.

A lot of the time it involves waiting until after an event before getting started.

“I’ll be able to hit it properly when I’m back from my holiday”.

I 100% understand the thinking behind this, I’ve been a “diet starts Monday” kind of guy in the past. Was for many years.

(P.s The trick is to never actually state what Monday..)

In the end I actually feel this makes it more difficult. It puts that first step on a pedestal. Something that now seems a lot bigger than it ever needs to be.

This is usually because that first step is also seen as more of a long jump attempt, than an actual step.

Why do we feel we need to have it “perfect” right at the beginning?

It’s like we feel we need to prep all our meals, count all our calories, sleep 8 hours a night every night, hit 10,000 steps every day, go to the gym 4-5 times a week.. all from the very beginning.

This couldn’t be further from the case.

This isn’t a long jump attempt. There’s no need to muster up every ounce of effort and strength and throw everything you have into one big explosion of change.

Sticking with the long jump analogy, what does the jumper than have to do after each attempt?

Go back to the start, and do it all over again. Something I myself have done, and have witnessed way more than I’d like too, with people who try and wait for it to be “perfect” before starting.

Placing so much unnecessary pressure on the situation.

Give me drinking a bit more water and sleeping slightly better every day and night for the next 12 weeks, over the perfect diet & 5 training sessions a week for the next, well, week.

Consistency will always win.

So, if you feel like you’re currently waiting for the perfect situation, the perfect settings, ask yourself why?

Are you gearing up to change almost every aspect? Does it require this huge long run up for one almighty push at the end of that?

Or could you simply just decide right at this very minute, to go off and improve your steps by 500? Or go and fill up a water bottle and finish the day an extra 500ml of water up compared to yesterday?

Yesterday is your only benchmark.

Being “perfect” is overrated anyways.

Half the fun comes from making that amazing progress week by week, month by month.

Where does one go from being perfect……?

No more waiting guys and girls. Start taking those small steps now. No step is too small. It all counts.


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