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You've Lost Weight Before. Why Can't You Do It Now?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I hear this so often.

“I know how to lose weight, I’ve done it before”..

Or, similarly, I see it used as a stick to beat ourselves up with.

An attachment to how we looked perhaps 10 years ago, and comparing it to how we look now. Which can end up creating all sorts of pressures and negative feelings.

The ability to remember is an amazing tool at our disposal. However like any tool, it can be as damaging as it is helpful, depending on how we use it.

A hammer can either be used for good and help create a shed, or similarly, you could use that same hammer to bash your finger. Two very different outcomes from the same tool.

Anyways, back to the original point.

You’ve lost weight before, so why can’t you do it now?

You’ve proved it can be done? So why won’t the scales move?

Or why won’t your clothes stop hugging your waistline that bit too tightly for your liking?

Whilst we think back to the way we looked or the clothes we wore years ago, we only see just that.

What we might overlook is our environment at that time.

You may have had more time.

You may have had fairly little responsibility therefore less stress.

You may have just even surrounded by different influences than you perhaps are now.

What I’m suggesting is that maybe the goalposts have moved slightly.

The dieting and exercise formula that you used back then, may still work, then again it may not.

This doesn’t in anyway mean that you should be any less able to achieve the goals you’re setting out to achieve now.

Not in the slightest.

All I’m suggesting, is that we simply acknowledge where and by how much these goalposts have moved.

For example, you may have the added responsibility of a higher position at work, than you occupied 10 years ago.

You may have a family at home to look after, which you didn’t have 10 years ago.

You may have a lot less time to get to the gym now, than you had 10 years ago.

I’m not in any way indicating that these should be seen as excuses to not achieve your goal.

I’m putting forward the notion that we could make things a whole lot easier on ourselves by acknowledging and accepting the things that have possibly changed in the timeframe that we use to compare the position we’re in now, to that of what we used to be.

The biggest takeaway I can offer for this?

To think of the main areas of your life, and acknowledge how they may have changed.

They may have not of course, but it’s still worth consideration.

Your place of work, your home life, your social circle, your family..

How do these areas impact on the things you have available to go after your goal?

Do you have the option to go to the gym as much as you used too?

Do you have as much time to cook and prepare meals as you used too?

Are you able to get the duration and quality of sleep that you once were able to get without too many problems?

Do you spend more time surrounded by influences that don’t necessarily support the notion of losing body fat and improving health?

Essentially, it’s about managing expectations as to not place ourselves under unnecessary stress or pressure, that can come with the attachment and comparisons of how we used to look, or how we previously lost body fat.

Taking some time to acknowledge these changes will help to place those expectations at a level that doesn’t cause any needless stress or pressure.

Furthermore, it’ll allow you to see where you may have to go at certain areas differently, than you once did previously.

Thus, increasing your chances of succeeding in your mission of losing the body fat you want to lose, and achieving the health and body that you want to achieve!

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