How To Reduce Stress By Asking One Simple Question

Let’s think back to a specific time that we considered to be extremely stressful.


Got one?


I don’t imagine we’ve had to think too hard. This life thing can get pretty crazy at times. 


Stress, stress, stress everywhere.


With almost anything and everything needing to be done yesterday, it’s easy to see why a lot of situations we find ourselves in, can cause serious amounts of stress. 


I’m not going to go into any science of what happens when we get stressed, as I’m confident a lot of us have probably already subtly experienced a few of the symptoms, just by even thinking about that one really stressful situation.


Don’t worry, that’s normal. 


For now, I want to propose that we can actually reduce the severity of these stressful scenarios, by simply asking ourselves only one question. 


What Can This Do FOR Me?


Instead of falling victim to the mentality that there’s a series of events happening TO you, try your best to remind yourself that nothing is happening to you, but instead could very well be happening for you. 


Let’s take something work related. 


You’ve been asked to present to a room full of potential investors about a project you and your team have been developing. 


Scary stuff right?


Well, what opportunities are there waiting FOR you at the end of it?


Exposure? Success? Massive pay off in something you’ve been working so hard for? 


Now for something perhaps a bit more trivial.


Being stuck in traffic..


It’s a nightmare at times. I’ve been guilty in the past of staring into the roof of my car when stuck in traffic and simply asking “Why me, why now?”.


Without even realising it, just creating even more stress.


Taking the time to ask the question though. 


What Can This Do FOR Me?


Well, being stuck in traffic for 20-30 minutes longer than normal may be a chance to finally listen to that podcast or audiobook you’ve been trying to find the time for?


It may be the perfect time to give that friend or family member a call just to catch up for a few minutes.


(Assuming you have hands free. I’m in no way encouraging the use of a mobile phone whilst driving……)


Whilst these potential opportunities won’t exactly fix the fact you’re perhaps late home, or worse yet, late for work, what they can do is reduce the intensity and severity of stress at that given moment. 


Opportunities for small wins and small pleasures are absolutely everywhere, even in the most stressful of situations. 


It may not seem like it at first, but we have the ability to perceive these situations in any way we chose.


It just so happens that the “everything is wrong” train of thought, has become a habit for so many of us.


Like anything though, I encourage an open mind. Give it a try next time you’re in one of those normally stressful situations.


What can it do FOR you?