Struggling To Lose Weight? 

This This Is For You..

If you’re at the stage where you feel like throwing in the towel with regard to yet another failed attempt to get to your ideal weight - then you’ve come to the right place.


You’ve been excruciatingly trying to resist your favourite foods, perhaps even agonisingly dragging yourself out of bed at 5am to go to the gym. 


Weigh day comes and goes with nothing but frustration and confusion to show for it.


All this effort, yet so little return on it.


When you feel like you’re doing everything you possibly can to no avail, what next?! 




The harsh reality might very well be, that you’re not quite doing everything that you can. 


Perhaps you already know it, or maybe it’s even happening at a level of which you’re not quite aware yet.


Something has dawned on myself over the past few years, and from where I’m standing it makes so much sense. 


We can’t control weight loss..


Bare with me for a moment..


Our bodies, do not care how badly we want to be 10 kilograms lighter or if we want to be two clothes sizes smaller. 


They do not care how insecure we feel or how any potential relationships might suffer because of that insecurity. 


Our bodies, do not lie either. 


They are simply the product of our actions. 


Over time, if we ensure the majority of those actions are taking us in the right direction, then all will be well.


On the contrary, if we simply place too much focus on those positive steps, without addressing any of the potentially sabotaging actions that fill the gaps, we might find ourselves frustrated, or even upset at the outcome. 


Looking At The Bigger Picture


It can be made pretty simple. 


Through every action you take on a day to day, week to week basis, you can view it as either a step forward, or backward. 


Some steps may be bigger or smaller, but through time, we’re always drifting closer or further away from what we want. 


We may take what feels like giant leaps forward. 


Pre-preparing all your lunches for the week, hitting the gym for 45 minutes Monday to Friday, or even waking up an hour early to go for a run before work. 


These things can make us feel pretty awesome, and so they should. They’re big accomplishments! 


I’ve worked with enough people over the years however to so often see this level of effort towards the big steps forward, be met with disappointment, over a lack of overall progress. 


An overall lack of progress that is often down to the possibility that all your big steps forward, are simply being outnumbered by perhaps smaller, and more frequent, steps backwards.


Those small, almost seemingly insignificant moments can add up. 


This can be overlooked quite easily when we simply focus on and take these decisions as stand alone moments.


None of this is a stand alone moment.


Our bodies are constantly exerting and consuming energy around the clock. For us to succeed at not only losing weight, but increasing our chances of sustaining that weight loss whilst at the same time being able to live a full and happy life alongside it, we’ll be far better off acknowledging this. 


This is one of the reasons that most coaches I see, encourage simple, but consistent steps in the right direction to begin with. 


This isn’t about who can make the most effort on any given occasion - it’s more like a numbers game. 


Ensuring that your steps in the right direction, regardless of perceived magnitude, simply outnumber the ones taking you in the opposite direction. 


Successful and sustainable weight loss and increased sense of confidence, is built through consistency over time. 


- James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

This quote sums it up perfectly. 


One of the main things to keep in mind throughout all of this, is that this isn’t a mission to completely eradicate every backwards step. 


Life would be pretty boring.. 


This isn’t even about directly trying to balance out one of those regressive steps with a larger positive one. 


All I wanted to achieve through this post is to help bring an awareness, and a perspective on weight loss that has helped me massively in dealing with my own issues regarding my physical appearance over the years. 


It doesn’t have to be accomplished overnight. It doesn’t even have to be accomplished next week. 


The more we keep in mind that every action we take will be counted, the more likely we are to succeed in reaching whatever weight loss goal we have over time.