Why You Shouldn't Worry About Getting "Too Bulky"

How many times have you said to a potential coach or anyone for that matter..


"I don't want to get bulky, just want to tone up.."


The biggest concern I see from female clients is that by weight training, you increase the chance of developing unwanted levels of muscle.


First of all, I can understand this.


I mean, weight training is what you need to do in order to build muscle right?




This must mean that weight training leads to building loads of muscle?


Not quite..

Let's Make An Omelette


I've been given 16 eggs. 

You have one.

The challenge here is to see who will make the bigger omelette. 

It seems fairly straightforward who will do so, right? 

This is one of my favourite and simplest ways to demonstrate the the scale of task

that is actually would be, for females to build massive muscular frames.

On average, men can have up to 16 times the Testosterone levels of a female. And when you consider that Testosterone is the most important hormone around in building muscle, you can start to see why it's already extremely challenging, for females to become bulky?


Building Muscle Is Hard

The reality is that the type of muscular physiques we might come across in a gym, a magazine or social media, be it male or female, are actually extremely difficult to produce and maintain.

It requires A LOT of stimulus. In other words, some extremely intense training, consistently over a long, long time.

Not too mention the attention to detail required on a diet that needs to contain enough calories to build muscle, whilst not putting on massive amount of body fat at the same time.

To put it simply, it is something that requires deliberate and focused effort over a sustained period of time. It won't happen by accident. 

A Lot Of What You See, Isn't Quite What You're Seeing

Let's keep this one vague, as I feel it's important to acknowledge, whilst I don't want to

find myself in trouble for any accusations! 

If we're being brutally honest however, there are no doubt, a lot of scenarios where

what you might be seeing in a gym or online, just wouldn't be possible to achieve,

without some added supplementation. 

Whether that's a highly intricate routine of quality multi vitamins, or something more,

the point is that the physique you might be seeing, may require something more than

just protein shakes and barbells.

This is absolutely fine as far as I'm concerned too. I have no issue what so ever with it.

I just wanted to bring it up, as a lot of my clients in the past have expressed this concern over physiques they have seen in the gym or online. 

When in truth, it's an unnecessary concern to have as they're achieved through the help and assistance of something that you are perhaps never going to be willing to attempt.

Quick side note, no matter how much assistance or supplementation, it's still extremely impressive and requires all the same levels of dedication and consistency that we touched on a couple of paragraphs up!

Why You Should Try Weight Training

Now that we've hopefully put to rest some of the common concerns around weight training, let's talk about why it should be something that you include, or at the very least, try out!

It doesn't need to be heavy barbells and big dumbbells either. Instead of weight training, let's refer to it as resistance training. 

Essentially, we're using any given muscle to contract against a resisting force. Quite often that force can just simply be gravity, which means you can easily use just your own bodyweight to get started.

You'll see increases in strength, overall fitness, and hopefully over time, an increase in what's referred to as toning! 

Toning is simply the size of any muscle, compared to the levels of body fat that surround it. 

The less body fat you have along with a regularly worked muscle group underneath, means you have more chance of achieving that toned look.

So, to sum it up, any training that will challenge your muscles should be embraced. 

It won't automatically cause unrelenting levels of muscle size and gains. It'll simply get you closer to the fat loss goals you've been working so hard for thus far.

Image by Chepe Nicoli
Image by Alora Griffiths